Travel to Japan

Japan is a popular tourist destination as well as a major business hub. If you are planning a trip to Japan it is a good idea to make all of your arrangements prior to leaving. When it comes to places to stay in Japan, there are many choices and something can usually be found even for those on a tight budget. The links below provide practical information about traveling within Japan as well as information about hotels and other forms of accommodation.

Japan Travel Tips
Practical Information for Traveling to Japan
Study Abroad in Japan
Business Travel in Japan
Different Types of Accommodation in Japan
Transportation in Japan

Destination Guides
Best Sightseeing Spots in Japan (various locations)
Hiking in Japan (various locations)
Akibara Electric Town (Tokyo)
Hama Rikyu Garden (Tokyo)
Tokyo Imperial Palace (Tokyo)
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (Tokyo)
Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo)
Shibuya (Tokyo)
Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)
Meiji Shrine (Tokyo)
Harajuku (Tokyo)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo)
Skytree (Tokyo)
Yoyogi Park (Tokyo)
Ueno Park (Tokyo)
Asakusa (Tokyo)
Edo Museum (Tokyo)
Rikugien Garden (Tokyo)
Odaiba (Tokyo)
Onsen in Hakone (Hakone)
Hiroshima Peace Park and Musuem (Hiroshima)

Hotels Guides

Tokyo Hotels
Yokohama Hotels
Shinjuku Hotels
Shibuya Hotels
Sapporo Hotels
Narita Hotels
Kyoto Hotels
Osaka Hotels
Okinawa Hotels
Fukuoka Hotels