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Study Abroad in Japan

Japan is a very popular choice for people who study abroad.  Studying abroad has the potential to be an amazing experience.  There are many fine universities in Japan that offer highly respected programs in a variety of interesting and lucrative fields for foreign students.  However, it can a also be very overwhelming for some people. It can be a nice addition to a resume and help expand one's world view.  

When studying abroad, it is very important to make a budget.  For example, there are so many things to do in Tokyo that it is easy to run out of money.  It is also important not to buy souvenirs until the end of one's time in Japan.  This will ensure that one does not spend all of his or her money on souvenirs, only to find out that there is no money left to buy the food necessary for proper nourishment.  It is also a good idea to look into getting scholarships before starting a program.  Many schools offer very attractive and attainable scholarships to foreign students.  These can be found fairly easily by searching online.  The only catch is that it can take a while from the time that a student sends in the application to the time when he/she is approved and receives the scholarship money.  It is a good rule of thumb to apply for scholarships about a year in advance of the date when one is wanting to attend a Japanese study abroad program.          

Japan offers a variety of study abroad programs.  Many people choose to focus on taking intensive courses in the Japanese language and immersing themselves in the culture by staying with host families who only speak to them in Japanese.  This is considered by many linguistics experts to be the best way to learn a new language.  Japanese is a difficult language for western students to master.  Using this language immersion technique is highly-beneficial for anyone who has aspirations of doing business in Japan.

Students who are interested in Japanese culture should look into studying abroad in Japan, but be sure to give it serious thought before going through with it.