Okinawa Hotels

Okinawa is a southern prefecture in Japan.  It is made up of a chain of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands that stretch for more than one thousand kilometers.  The most populous of these islands is Okinawa Island, which is home to the capital city of Naha and located about halfway between the Japanese island of Kyūshū and Taiwan.    

The best cheap hotel in Okinawa is the Guesthouse Kasiwaya.  They offer airy private rooms and dormitory lodgings with free linens.  Each of these rooms is equipped with wireless Internet service.  When guests get hungry, they can scamper down the stairs to a restaurant with comfortable cozy sofas that is open from six o'clock in the evening until midnight.  This restaurant serves alcoholic beverages, traditional Okinawa food, and western dishes and plays relaxing music.  When guests need to really unwind, they are welcome to hang out in the hotel's tatami chill-out room, which is a perfect place to listen to music, watch films, read, converse with fellow guests, or just sit back and relax.  When guests want to go out and explore the surrounding area, they can take the hotel up on their free bicycle rentals.

Guesthouse Iriwa is one of the great cheap hotels in Okinawa.  It is a cute cottage house with comfortable rooms that have big windows, lofts, and bunker beds.  A wood deck offers a relaxing place for drinking and reading.  Special umi (sea) rooms offer wide panoramic views of the ocean and double-sized beds.  Each of these have a terrace and stairways that lead to the roof, from which the entire Kabira Village can be seen.             

Okinawa has many five star hotels.  One of the absolute best of these is the Laguna Garden Hotel.  The Laguna Garden Hotel is a resort that is classified as deluxe.  It is situated in the middle of the East China Sea coast's beautiful, lush foliage.  A variety of facilities, as well as easy access to Okinawa's convention center, are available to guests.  This is a great place to take a holiday.  

The Sun Marina Hotel is another one of the best five star hotels in Okinawa.  Each guest room offers an incredible commanding balcony view of the ocean because of the innovative pyramid shape of the building.  It has a great location in Onna Village.  This west coast position gives the hotel a positioning that is conveniently close to everything but secluded enough for relaxation at the same time.     

The best hotel in Okinawa is the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Hotel and Resort, which is located on the gorgeous Manzamo Cape in the East China Sea village of Onna.  Every guest room comes complete with incredible views of the area's sparkling emerald waters, crystal clear skies, and ivory white sand.  Amenities include a fantastic tropical pool, five high quality restaurants, and a wealth of entertainment facilities.  The staff is happy to point guests into the directions of the various attractions in the area.  These attractions include the Shhuri Castle, the Churaumi Aquarium, the Onna Village Museum, the spectacular natural glory of Manza Cape, and the Nakayui Market.